Lily Allen fans outraged that TikTokers are calling her ‘David Harbour’s wife’

‘Lily Allen did not go that hard on ‘Hard Out Here’ just to be called someone's wife,’ one commented

Inga Parkel
Tuesday 05 July 2022 19:31 BST
Lily Allen covers Beyonce

Lily Allen fans are furious at the “disrespect” they claim the singer has received from a number of TikTokers who have referred to her as “David Harbour’s wife”.

While the “F**k You” singer and the Stranger Things actor got married in 2020, it seems many younger social media users were surprised by news of Allen’s pop career.

In one viral TikTok video, the user is shown in disbelief as Allen’s 2006 song “Smile” plays. Above, the caption reads: “Y’all I just found out that David Harbour’s wife sings this song.”

As many knew Harbour for his starring role in the hit Netflix sci-fi series, others had no idea that Allen was the voice behind a number of songs from the late 2000s.

Now, Twitter users have expressed outrage over the younger generation’s unawareness.

“Don’t disrespect Lily Allen like that” one user wrote, responding to an earlier post, which read: “They’re calling Lily Allen ‘David Harbour’s wife.’”

A second added: “Lily Allen has given us so much... these kids need an EDUCATION.”

Lily Allen screenshots from Twitter

“Lily Allen did not go that hard on ‘Hard Out Here’ just to be called someone’s wife,” a third posted.

“The disrespect. Lily Allen hasn't given us a decade and a half worth of music for y'all to be all ‘David Harbour's wife sings this!????’” another tweeted. “Go listen to ‘No Shame' and 'It's Not Me, It's You' in their entirety... Right now.”

“The ‘2020 TikTok song’ in question is ‘Smile’. I forget not everyone knows who Lily Allen is??? Because this TikTok shocked me,” one person commented – referring to the song’s popularity on the app after its use in a dance video by TikTokker Charli D'Amelio two years ago – alongside a screenshot of a video confession that the poster “never knew who Lily Allen was”.

Harbour recently spoke to The Independent about his marriage to Allen, and becoming step-father to her two children. “It was lucky for me because I am now in a relationship with three women. Very strong-minded women,” he said. “[It] has brought a whole new depth to my life that I never had before. Made me an entirely new man. And that’s wonderful.”

Allen recently joined Olivia Rodrigo on stage during this year’s Glastonbury to sing “F**k You”, in response to the US Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade.

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