Madonna ‘sits on a throne and gets fit guys to do her bidding’, says Alan Carr

Comedian’s quiz series includes insider stories about star

Ellie Harrison
Friday 14 May 2021 09:07
Madonna calls gun control 'the new vaccination'

Alan Carr has teased insider stories about Madonna, saying she “gets fit guys to do her bidding” while “sat on a throne”.

Promoting the current series of his show There’s Something About Movies, which sees stars revealing their encounters with other celebrities, Carr said: “Everyone seems to have a Madonna story. We’ve got all these actors on and she sort of hones in on them.”

He told “Everyone had a story – Mark Strong did, so did Rafe Spall – about where she sits on a throne surrounded by a load of fit men, and they have to dance for her bidding.”

Team captain Jennifer Saunders added: “It was quite a common theme, the Madonna thing. Her coming towards you across the dance floor and you have to hold her eye or run.”

Carr and Saunders are joined by Michael Sheen and Tom Allen in the latest series of There’s Something About Movies, which began last night (13 May) and sees Carr quiz actors and comics on their film expertise.

Last month, the director of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” music video, Mary Lambert, revealed how the controversial release came to be made, saying the Black Jesus character “came from Madonna telling me she wanted to ‘f*** a Black guy on the altar’”.

There’s Something About Movies airs Thursdays at 9pm on Sky One.

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