Spotify Wrapped: How to see your top songs and artists of the year

Annual round-up reveals your most-played artists, songs and genres for this year and the past decade

Annabel Nugent
Wednesday 02 December 2020 21:11
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As well as festive lights and Christmas TV specials, December's arrival also means it's time for Spotify to unveil its annual “Wrapped” function.

The streaming service’s popular end-of-year feature is a nifty way of looking back at your listening habits, including how many minutes of music you've listened to in 2020 and for the decade.

From today (2 December), subscribers can also find out who their most listened to artists are, as well as which songs and genres have dominated their past year.

The feature breaks down your top five artists, songs, and also reveals how many minutes of music you played over the past 365 days. It can even tell you how your listening habits changed with the seasons.

Spotify Wrapped can take you back as far as a decade, telling you your favourite artists for each year and your overall most-streamed artist.

As an early Christmas present, Spotify will use the data to gift users a curated playlist consisting of their most-played songs to enjoy for the rest of the year.

You can see your Spotify Wrapped by logging on to the service and clicking here.

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