Tinashe criticises Diplo for saying social media is ‘horrible’ amid Black Lives Matter protests

DJ told fans their feeds were ‘probably horrible’ right now

Isobel Lewis
Tuesday 02 June 2020 10:01
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Singer Tinashe has criticised Diplo for saying that his fans’ social media feeds are “probably horrible” as Black Lives Matter protests take place across the United States.

Diplo came under fire after attempting to break his followers' Instagram feeds up with a picture of a giraffe kissing its baby on the head, reportedly writing in the since-deleted caption: “Your feed is probably horrible so here is this picture."

In response, Tinashe called the DJ out for this message, replying in a comment that has also since been deleted: “People posting about black lives matter isn’t horrible, ijs.”

Another commenter echoed Tinashe's message, writing to Diplo: “No. It’s actually filled with white people acknowledging that #BlackLivesMatter. Best thing I’ve seen in some time.”

As protests have spread across the US in the wake of the death of George Floyd, social media has been flooded with support for the Black Lives Matter movement, with people sharing links to resources, donation pages and ways to educate themselves on race issues.

Tinashe has been a vocal supporter of the movement and criticised Lana Del Rey for sharing footage from a Black Lives Matter protest to her Instagram.

“Why the f*** you posting people looting stores on your page, literally WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM,” she wrote, while fellow musician Kehlani commented: “Please remove your Instagram post – it’s dangerous as f*** and a very poor choice of moment to post. DO NOT endanger people with your very massive platform.”