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Trump fans play Springsteen’s Born in the USA outside hospital without realising what lyrics mean

‘Apparently, they have never read  the lyrics,' one tweeter wrote

Jacob Stolworthy
Monday 05 October 2020 10:35 BST
Trump supporters sing 'Born in the USA' outside hospital president is staying

Trump supporters are being sent up for playing Bruce Springsteen’s "Born in the USA" outside the hospital the president is staying in.

A small number of Republicans congregated outside Walter Reed Medical Centre where Trump is staying after catching coronavirus. They also played Lee Greenwood song “Proud to be American”.

However, it's the supporters’ choice of Springsteen’s 1984 track that has led to them becoming the source of internet vitriol.

Many are highlighting the fact that "Born in the USA" is far from the patriotic song the title has clearly led them to believe.

The song is widely believed to be a critique of America for marginalising working-class veterans upon their return to the homeland.

Adding to the embarrassment of the blunder is the fact that Walter Reed is a military hospital – not to mention Springsteen’s personal views on Trump.

In June, the musician called the president a “threat to our democracy” and said he “makes any kind of reform that much harder”.

“Do these people know that ‘Born in the USA’ was a protest song not a patriot ballad?” one tweeter asked in response to a video of the president’s fans playing the 1984 track.

“We're well into the fourth decade of the American right wing not listening to the actual lyrics of ‘Born in the USA’,” another wrote.

One person quipped: "I love it when ‘Born In The USA’ is played with unintended irony."

“Apparently, these seven people or so have never read or they don't understand the lyrics,” a commenter added.

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