Young Thug's new music video is a meta masterpiece

'Maybe that’s the moral of the story: None of this matters'

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 17 January 2017 09:41

Young Thug is a completely disruptive force in hip-hop and throws conventions out the window at every opportunity.

His new music video is no different, it not really even being a music video and centring on how it doesn’t really exist.

“Young Thug didn’t show up in time for that shot.” writes ‘co-director’ Ryan Staake (quote marks his not mine) near its start. “In fact, he never showed up for any of our shots.”

All Staake and his production company Pomp&Clout had to go off was a voice note from Thugger in which he mentioned something about using kiddie cars instead of foreign cars and “a lot of bitches”.

The video goes on to show the scant footage Young Thug did send them to use - mostly just him eating Cheetos and grinding on ladies on a private jet - another scene he didn’t show up for in which a police car was smashed to pieces by kids (one of whom was flown in from Mississippi especially) with baseball bats, and a climactic one that Thug did make it to set for, only to turn the car around when he discovered his Instagram account had been hacked.

My personal highlight is the gaudy, gangster stylisation of the word 'juxtaposition'.

Staake apparently originally pitched the idea that the video just be Thugger lighting the budget for it on fire, but what he ended up with was a much more nuanced exercise in futility.

“Maybe that’s the moral of the story: None of this matters,” he concludes.

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