Saturday 12 June 1993 23:02

The winner of a weekend for two in Dublin is Brian Docherty of Crouch End, London; the second prize goes to Peg Topping of Bournemouth; and the five runners-up prizes to Nigel Bartlett of West Hampstead, London; Ivy Dennett-Thorpe of Felixstowe; Sue Deakin of London NW11; Mrs S C Gibb of Tiverton, Devon; and Mr P Thompson of Stoke Newington, London.

ANSWERS: 1 Philip Larkin 2 Stephen Spender 3 Derek Walcott 4 The French for Hobbyhorse 5 Imagism 6 The Movement 7 Ezra Pound 8 W H Auden 9 Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath 10 Nobel Prize for Literature 11 Pulitzer Poetry Prize 12 Whitbread Prize for Poetry / Geoffrey Faber Memorial Award 13 Truly, Madly, Deeply 14 GPO Film Unit 15 Dead Poets' Society 16 Sylvia Plath 17 D H Lawrence 18 Paul Durcan 19 James Joyce 20 The Golden Gate 21 Alice Walker

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