Quentin Curtis
Sunday 23 October 2011 00:36

Muriel's Wedding (15). PJ Hogan's film is a comedy of two moods - a sunny farce with a dark side, which comes to overshadow it. It's at its best when it gives the frumpy heroine (the excellent Toni Collette) free rein to play her Abba songs, jive with her attractive soul-mate (Rachel Griffiths) and dream of svelteness. But Hogan makes a misguided bid for seriousness, bringing in a queasily incongruous cancer plot. It's still one of the comedies of the year - Jane Campion meets "Dancing Queen" - with another great grumpy cameo from Bill Hunter, as Muriel's dad, patriarch to the ultimate dysfunctional family.

Circle of Friends (15). Coy and sentimental Irish rites-of-passage drama.

Killer (18). Slick film noir, with Mimi Rogers as the femme fatale. Well worth checking out. Quentin Curtis

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