Observations: Summer nights' sex comedy

By Julian Hall
Saturday 20 July 2013 02:41

An Austrian man, who looks like a cross between Walter Matthau and Paul Gambaccini, but sounds a bit like Jackie Mason as he probes your sex life for laughs in a theatre sounds like the stuff of bad dreams. But it's a scene that will replay live in London for a month from next week. Comedian and amateur sexologist Wolfgang Weinberger will attempt to answer the sexual queries of his audience, who will be divided along gender or gender role lines, relieving the tension of the situation with laughter along the way.

Weinberger has previously adapted and directed the German version of the "environmental theatre" show Tony n' Tina's Wedding. It was at that production that he met the Austrian therapist Bernhard Ludwig who was already touring A Guide to Sexual Misery in their homeland basing it on published advice he'd given to heart-attack patients about the prospects for their post-op sex lives. Weinberger duly gemmed up on sexology and took on the mantle of presenting the show to the English-speaking world.

"What makes people feel good about this show is that they are not just hearing a number of bawdy jokes about sex," explains Weinberger. "The title speaks of how not to do it and people recognise themselves in that, although the guys always think it's the person next to them not themselves who is being talked about." Before taking questions such as "who should enjoy it more, you or the other person?", to which the audience can anonymously hum their answer, Weinberger "lectures" his students on a few golden rules. Remember "expectation divided by accomplishment equals sexual unhappiness".

Leicester Square Theatre, London WC2 (0844 847 2475) 23-24 April & 1, 2, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 22 & 23 May

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