The best ever Come Dine With Me meltdowns

'Dogs are not babies!'

Jess Denham
Tuesday 05 January 2016 14:08 GMT
Peter throws a massive tantrum after placing last in Come Dine With Me
Peter throws a massive tantrum after placing last in Come Dine With Me

When Come Dine With Me first began throwing a group of strangers together and asking them to judge each others’ dinner parties, regular meltdowns were guaranteed.

The past ten years and 1364 episodes have given viewers endless entertainment from dodgy desserts and heated confrontations to, more recently, the world’s worst loser.

Let’s take a moment to remember the dinners parties we were all happy not to be invited to:

The second sorest loser in the world

Shut up!

If an argument with a guest isn’t quite going your way, just shout ‘Shut up!’ at them in your weirdest, loudest voice and that should do the trick.

Pete gets fed up of ‘chest-licking’ chat at the dinner table

“I’m getting a bit fed up of this, I really am. You want to chest constantly. You’re embarrassing me. There’s four of us at this table, not just you two and him!”

Dogs are not babies

It is commonly said that money, politics and religion should be no-go conversation topics over dinner but apparently, dogs should be added to the controversial list.

Brian Kennedy chucks a glass of red at Paul Martin

“On Monday you were irritating, on Tuesday you were annoying, on Wednesday you were slappable, on Thursday you were punchable and on Friday…”

Salvo throws a troublesome guest’s dinner in the bin

Sicilian singer Salvo lost his temper after his three guests started “ganging up on him”. The solution? Throw the most critical of the bunch’s dinner in the bin.

Come Dine With Me is on Channel 4 at 5pm this evening.

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