Jimmy Kimmel compares Kate Middleton conspiracies to ‘missing’ Melania Trump

‘Kate goes missing for a few weeks, the whole country goes berserk. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen Melania since 2021,’ the late-night show host says

Martha McHardy
Wednesday 20 March 2024 10:29 GMT
Jimmy Kimmel compares Princess Kate conspiracies to ‘missing’ Melania Trump

Jimmy Kimmel has weighed in on the conspiracy theories swirling round Kate Middleton – likening her apparent disappearance to that of “missing” Melania Trump.

The Princess of Wales has not appeared in public since Christmas Day, when she made her last official public appearance before Buckingham Palace announced she was undergoing planned abdominal surgery in January.

Her absence from public life has prompted intense online speculation about her whereabouts.

Speculation ramped up even further when the princess released a photo of her and her children on Mother’s Day, which was later found to have been doctored. Since then, the internet has been awash with wild conspiracy theories about Kate’s health and whereabouts.

Mr Kimmel joined in the saga on his late-night show on Tuesday night and compared her absence to that of Donald Trump’s wife.

“This shows you how different it is in the UK,” Mr Kimmel said. “Kate goes missing for a few weeks, the whole country goes berserk.

“Meanwhile, we haven’t seen Melania since 2021,” he quipped.

Former first lady Ms Trump has barely been seen in public since leaving the White House with the former president in January 2021.

Multiple reports have said that she has rejected multiple requests to appear alongside her husband at both his 2024 campaign stops and court hearings for his multiple criminal and civil cases.

Jimmy Kimmel weighed in on the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories during his Tuesday night show (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Her absence has even caught the attention of some of Mr Trump’s rivals, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis being accused of spreading “Missing Melania” flyers at an Iowa football game he attended in September 2023.

However, unlike Kate Middleton, Ms Trump has been able to disappear from public life relatively easily, with much less media attention surrounding her whereabouts.

Following speculation about the Princess of Wales’ whereabouts, royal aides have reportedly drawn up plans for Kate to make a “soft return” to public life over Easter weekend.

“Buckingham Palace is working on a top secret plan for Kate to return to public life,” Mr Kimmel said. “I don’t know why that would have to be in secret.”

He added: “It’s times like these I am grateful that our royal family is the Kardashians. They don’t do anything top secret, they put every bit of everything on Hulu for anyone to see whenever they want.”

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