‘Mother of god!’: Line of Duty fans have just discovered that Steve Arnott actor Martin Compston is Scottish

‘Wait...what? Arnott is Scottish??’ one shocked viewer tweeted

Adam White@__adamwhite
Monday 03 May 2021 10:20
Trailer for Line Of Duty season 6 finale

Line of Duty fans have been left flabbergasted after discovering that actor Martin Compston is Scottish.

Compston has played DI Steve Arnott on the blockbuster police drama since 2012, all the while disguising his natural accent.

This led many viewers to express their shock when Compston made an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday (1 May), where his Scottish accent was on full display.

“Ok, who knew DS Steve Arnott spoke with a strong Scottish accent in real life?” one surprised viewer tweeted.

“Hells bells DI Steve Arnott has the thickest scottish accent #LineOfDuty proper actor – mother of god,” read another.

Another tweet read: “Wait...what? Arnott is Scottish?? I mean… his voice has just thrown me across the room. Genuinely thought he was from the LDN!”

Others claimed that discovering Compston is Scottish only made him more alluring.

“I still can’t believe Steve Arnott is actually Scottish – I fancy him even more now,” tweeted one viewer.

Compston was born and raised in Greenock in Scotland, and entered the acting industry after answering a casting call in the area for Ken Loach’s coming-of-age film Sweet Sixteen. Compston had never before acted professionally, but successfully won the role.

He followed up Sweet Sixteen with a regular role on arguably the BBC’s most famous Scottish TV series of the last few decades: Monarch of the Glen.

Line of Duty’s sixth series concluded last night (2 May), with furious fans left “disappointed” following the “boring” reveal of “H”.

However, some fans have pointed out that the clues were hiding in plain sight the entire time – dating back as early as the first ever series in 2012.

On Monday (3 May). the BBC released a statement updating fans on the future of the show.

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