Love Island 2021 review: Casa Amor threatens to expose Liam as a rotten egg

It took less than one eyelash batted from new girl Lillie (who looks an awful lot like Millie, only with long hair) to turn Liam’s head

Annabel Nugent
Wednesday 28 July 2021 20:25
Liam admits he's attracted to Lillie at Casa Amor on Love Island

The girls are in for a world of hurt. We knew that already – it is after all Casa Amor – we just didn’t think the betrayal would begin this soon. The boys have been bunking up with new girls for little over 24-hours and already snogs have been had, beds have been shared, and toes have been sucked.

Yesterday’s episode opened with the age-old mating ritual of Truth or Dare. Needless to say, not many secrets were divulged – at least, not vocally. Plot-wise, contestants asking one another to kiss the people they most fancy is a genius way to speed things along. The schoolyard game was also a sneak-peek at which of the lads are looking like they might jump ship from their original partners back at the villa. Spoiler alert: all of them, bar one. In a twist literally no one saw coming, Jake has (so far) stayed fairly loyal – keeping it PG when he was asked to smooch a new girl in the challenge. Despite the abundance of new girls that are “his type” (read: petite, blonde and blue-eyed), Liberty’s boyfriend has kept his head down for the time being. The show’s resident foot fetishiser didn’t even jump at the chance to suck on some toes in the episode’s later challenge. Now, that’s got to be love.

When there’s one (supposedly) good egg, there’s sure to be plenty of rotten ones too. But who would’ve thought that would include Liam? The Welshman and Millie appeared to be one of the few couples genuinely progressing and yet it took less than one eyelash batted from new girl Lillie (who looks an awful lot like Millie, only with long hair) to turn his head.

The show’s editors work overtime during Casa Amor to really put the boot in, splicing scenes of Millie back in the villa pining after Liam next to ones of her partner laying on a daybed telling another girl that he is “really attracted to her”. While Liam and Lillie are yet to kiss outside of a challenge, if he follows the same trajectory of yesterday night’s episode, it’ll be a matter of minutes into tonight’s before they’re locking lips.

Alas, for Hugo – the perennial BFF of the villa – things aren’t going quite as planned. Despite his endless promises to “move mad”, the PE teacher is staying put in the friend zone for now. At one point, he seems to turn actually invisible when Amy – the girl he has his eye on, who has her eye on Tyler – literally blanks him after he calls out to her from two-metres away at full-volume, leaving Hugo looking more and more like a shadow of the person he once was pre-Love Island.

Meanwhile, back at the OG villa, the vibes were predictably dead and hardly worth a mention. A round of Never Have I Ever unfolded with tedious statements like “never have I ever had sex on holiday”. Chemistry is at an all-time low, with every girl – except for Chloe who is the only singleton – standing firm on their resolution to stay faithful. Although, that may all change tonight after yesterday’s preview (the best bit of any Love Island episode, really) teased the return of the Casa Amor postcard. Fans of the series will know that the “postcard” is usually a collection of incriminating pictures of their partners up to no good. Hopefully, it’ll be enough for the girls to bid adieu to their unworthy partners and enjoy their time with the new boys. Enough moping!

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