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‘I never got proper revenge’: Alex Jones says she broke up with ex Steve Jones over Angelina Jolie betrayal

‘We had a full-blown domestic live on Channel 4,’ the ‘One Show’ host said

Jacob Stolworthy
Monday 10 April 2023 13:01 BST
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The One Show host Alex Jones has claimed she split with ex Steve Jones over a betrayal involving Angelina Jolie.

Alex, who dated fellow TV presenter Steve from 1999 to 2002, recorded an appearance on Dish podcast with Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett, in which she revealed the lengths her former partner went to prevent her from getting an interview with the Hollywood star – an alleged betrayal that led to their break-up.

The presenter spoke about the situation in response to a question written by the podcast’s production team before recording began. It was: “Did you ever get revenge on Steve Jones for that stunt he pulled on Rise?”

Alex replied: “I’ll definitely answer it. So long, long story short, back in the day I was an entertainment correspondent on Rise, and Angelina Jolie was coming on to be interviewed.”

The Welsh presenter then claimed that Steve stopped her from doing the interview by telling the show’s producers that she was sick when she was actually just out at the shops.

“Normally, they would call in the morning and ask to come and do an interview or a junket,” she said.

“I was in London – to be fair, I was staying in his flat when I was working in London – and they rang. It was landline then, and they rang and he said ‘Oh, Al’s not here – she’s not feeling very well; she’s had to go back to Cardiff.’”

However, Alex said she was out shopping “in Topshop” in London, adding: “So he did the interview.”

She said that he “admitted” what he done, stating: “The next morning, live on Rise, they rang me – by which point I was in Cardiff because I was cross. So live on the telly, we had this argument because he’d stayed out, he’d been drinking with [producers], and all of this, and I was home in Cardiff, so cross.

“We had a full-blown domestic on Channel 4 live in the morning. I don’t think I got proper revenge but I’ve been talking about it on a few podcasts, so...”

Steve Jones lies to prevent Alex Jones from interviewing Angelina Jolie
Steve Jones lies to prevent Alex Jones from interviewing Angelina Jolie (Shutterstock / Joe Seer)

She said she had “no hard feelings” as “everything worked out”, and called Jones “a good laugh”.

The Independent has contacted Steve Jones for comment.

Alex has shared this story before, but never revealed it was Steve who allegedly betrayed her.

She previously said onThanks A Million podcast with Angela Scanlon, stating: “I got back to the flat and was like, ‘where is he?’ Hours went past, nobody answering their phones and in the end thought, ‘Right I’m going to drive back to Cardiff, because I don’t know where you are, you’ve probably gone to the pub.’

“And then the production company called, and they were like, we’ve got bit of a situation. Tomorrow morning, your boyfriend is going to the premiere with Angelina Jolie and it it would be really funny if you came on the line, live on the show and surprised him and said that you know exactly what he’s been up to.”

Alex Jones broke up with Steve Jones after the betrayal
Alex Jones broke up with Steve Jones after the betrayal (Blitz Pictures/Shutterstock)

Alex accepted the offer, and the pair “split up live on telly”.

It was this interview with Jolie that led to Steve securing a presenting role on T4.

The Independent has contacted Steve’s representatives for comment.

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