Better Call Saul billboard pops up in Albuquerque, and the phone number actually works

Answerphone message suggests Saul originally posed as an Irishman

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 23 July 2014 14:32 BST
(Picture: Generic248)
(Picture: Generic248)

A prop billboard for Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul has been erected in Albuquerque, New Mexico, showing Goodman in his James M. McGill days.

The sign was spotted on southbound I-25 near Mountain Road in the city, and is part of a shoot taking place near the Albuquerque High School campus.

It shows a much younger Saul, with a full head of curly hair and a suit a little more toned down than the flamboyant numbers he would go on to wear in the Breaking Bad era.

Wonderfully, the phone number on the billboard actually works (they presumably realised obsessives look me would try), with the following answerphone message playing when you make a call:

A big believer in billboards, Saul also had one in Breaking Bad (Picture: AMC)
A big believer in billboards, Saul also had one in Breaking Bad (Picture: AMC)

"Hello! You've reached the law office of James M McGill esquire, a lawyer you can trust. Kindly leave your information at the tone and Mr McGill will phone you promptly."

Saul/James adopts an Irish accent in the message, suggesting his first gimmick was playing an off-the-boat Irishman.

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