Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Chelsea Peretti says goodbye to Gina Linetti

'These friendships we’ve forged, that’s the part that’s hardest to let go of'

Jack Shepherd
Friday 01 February 2019 09:31 GMT
Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti and Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti and Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' (NBC)

Chelsea Peretti has left Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The actor, who played Gina Linetti on the comedy for almost six seasons, teased her exit last year, with NBC confirming soon after that she will no longer be a series regular (although a guest spot has already been booked for later this current season).

Her character's road to leaving began when Andy Samberg's Jake convinced Gina to spread her wings. The following episode saw her invent a dance ("The Linexit Dance") and offer signature Gina moments fo each character, including a chess game, yogurt club and leaving behind a golden statue of herself.

Speaking to EW following her final episode, Peretti said she would miss "the camaraderie with the cast" most of all.

"We started off many of us not knowing each other," she said. "I pronounced Andre Braugher, Brogger when I first met him. So it was a lot of growing that we’ve done together and we have a text chain and we’re still texting all the time. These are friendships that we’ve forged, so that’s definitely the part that’s the hardest to let go of."

"In terms of Gina," she continue, "I did always love going to the table read and seeing what crazy things she was going to say, and trying to say it in as an unique way as possible. To me, that’s the thing that I love the most about comedy, is when someone surprises you with how they choose to say a line or do a scene. So that was always the challenge and the fun of this character."

Peretti concluded: "But, look, life is full of changes all the time. It’s part of the fun."

Season six will not premiere in the UK for some time, but E4 is expected to pick up the show once more. Meanwhile, season five will be reaching UK Netflix, on 8 March.

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