Chandler from Friends is supposed to call Julia Roberts today

Yes, it's really been 20 years.

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 28 January 2016 11:31

Never underestimate TV and film fans' ability to remember obscure dates mentioned in passing, especially when it comes to Friends.

One such fan with an elephantine memory pointed out on Reddit today that it is exactly 20 years since Julia Roberts' character Susie Moss told Chandler: "Why don't you call me in 20 years and tell me if you're still upset about this".

The line came in the episode 'The One after the Super Bowl, part 2', after she stole Chandler clothes from a toilet cubicle and left him to scarper in his underwear - payback for the time at school that he pulled up her skirt revealing her knickers to the rest of the class.

If we're being super pedantic, 28 January 2016 is only 20 years since the episode aired. The fictional moment depicted likely would have been set at a different time, especially given the Super Bowl always takes place in February.

I don't know if Chandler will call but Matthew Perry sure as hell won't, having recently admitted to having no memory of filming a good chunk of Friends.

Last year, a Ferris Bueller fan worked out that it was exactly 30 years since the teen took his Day Off.

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