Matt LeBlanc responds to claims Friends is problematic

'Friends was about themes that stand the test of time'

Jack Shepherd
Tuesday 20 February 2018 15:07
Ross has a hard time when Ben plays with a Barbie on Friends

Earlier this year, Netflix surprised everyone by uploading every season of Friends to their streaming service.

As a consequence, thousands of people watched the series for the first time — others re-watching for the millionth time — some noticing certain aspects had become problematic (one example being when Ross demands his son stop playing with Barbies).

Matt LeBlanc has since responded to those allegations, saying that Friends deals with themes that “stand the test of time” and disagrees they are problematic.

"I've heard those rumours too about people taking pot shots at Friends, but I don't want to get into that. I disagree with all that,” he said according to the BBC while promoting the next season of Top Gear.

"On Top Gear, we tend to steer clear of any sort of political content, nothing too topical.

"On Friends, we steered clear of that kind of thing too. Friends was about themes that stand the test of time – trust, love, relationships, betrayal, family and things like that.”

While Friends may have proven problematic in certain cases — a list of which can be found here — the show remains a favourite among many TV watchers, some of who are holding out for the recently teased movie reunion.

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