Game of Thrones season 4 first trailer: 'The war's not won'

The teaser for the new series is all freshly-forged swords and middle distances stares

Christopher Hooton
Monday 13 January 2014 10:16 GMT
Game of Thrones series four
Game of Thrones series four (YouTube/HBO)

The trailer for Game of Thrones season 4 is finally here, promising fresh hell in Westeros as Daenerys Targaryen’s plans for world domination gather pace.

The teaser is full of ominous imagery, with crows pecking corpses on the battlefield and eyes meeting over the flames of funeral pyres.

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We find King Joffrey celebrating his recent nuptials to Margaery Tyrell at the trailer’s opening, commenting after the bloody events of season 3: "They know I saved the city, they know I won the war," only for Jaime Lannister to retort: "The war’s not won."

It then descends into an action-packed montage, all newly-forged swords being plunged into flesh and villages set on fire, as the cast trade utterly bleak one-liners.

"They have a choice, they can live in my new world or die in their old one," Targaryen says.

"There is only one hell, the one we live in now," Melisandre laments meanwhile, though Tyrion Lannister has the final word in the trailer: "If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place."

The fourth season of the low fantasy epic is based on the third book in George R. R. Martin’s opus, A Storm of Swords.

It begins on HBO in the US on Sunday April 6, with UK fans only having to wait 24 hours before it hits Sky Atlantic.

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