Game of Thrones season 6 episode 7: ‘The Broken Man’ features writer’s favourite sequence in all six seasons

It took a full week of shooting

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 31 May 2016 15:42 BST

After a bit of a lacklustre episode 6, Game of Thrones fans’ attention is turning to S06E07, in which we can expect a big sequence that took a lot of filming.

Asked about the next instalment by EW, co-executive producer and episode 6 writer Bryan Cogman said: “All I can say about next week’s episode is there was a week of shooting a particular sequence/storyline that was my favorite week on set in six seasons of Game of Thrones.”

A lengthy shoot usually means a lot of people, though we shouldn’t expect the Boltons v. Starks battle just yet, as that apparently took a whole six weeks to film.

Our best guess is that he’s referring to the return of The Hound and possibly even the fabled Cleganebowl.

There’s a pretty strong theory linking Sandor Clegane to the episode title, while Cersei has already indicated that she wants his brother, The Mountain, to fight for her in a trial by combat.

The trailer for the episode doesn’t give a huge amount away, though it does tease the quiet return of another much-loved character.

Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 7 Preview

Elsewhere in the interview, Cogman told how fun it was getting to parody the show itself through the theatre troupe scenes.

“I come from theater and being able to comment on the show and the reactions to the show through the players were so much fun,” he said.

“The show is often accused of being gratuitous in all kinds of way - the violence and the bigness of the characters. It’s a huge operatic story.

“We’re able to lovingly spoof ourselves but also play with ideas about how audiences view the show, good and bad, and how a perspective of a story changes. Plus there’s the dramatic deliciousness of Arya watching her own life play out on stage.”

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