Gina Carano: Twitter users poke holes in Ted Cruz’s defence of actor amid controversy, ‘Do you even watch the show?’

Cruz took to Twitter to defend the actor after it was announced she would no longer appear in The Mandalorian

Annabel Nugent@annabelnugent
Friday 12 February 2021 15:50
Ted Cruz makes bizarre Avengers analogy while decrying Hollywood
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Twitter users have mocked Ted Cruz for his defence of The Mandalorian actor Gina Carano.

On Wednesday (10 February), Lucasfilm announced that Carano – who starred as Cara Dune – would no longer appear in the series. The decision comes after Carano shared a post on social media comparing the experience of being a Republican today to that of Jewish people during the Holocaust. 

Texas Senator Cruz took to Twitter to defend the actor, who also hails from the Lone Star state.

“Texan Gina Carano broke barriers in the Star Wars universe: not a princess, not a victim, not some emotionally tortured Jedi,” wrote Cruz.

“She played a woman who kicked ass & who girls look up to. She was instrumental in making Star Wars fun again, Of course Disney canceled her.”

Twitter users were quick to find inconsistencies in the politician’s argument.

Film critic Hannah Flint wrote: “Calling Cara Dune a ‘woman who kicked ass’ is as reductive a label as calling Leia ‘a princess’ so congrats you still don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Cara Dune is a great character and she will continue to be without Gina Carano playing her anymore,” added Flint.

Another user highlighted the same distinction between Dune’s character and Carano: “The issue is not with her character, who kicked ass. The issue is with the actor, who expressed horrific views that her employer does not want to be associated with.”

“Ted Cruz tweeting about Star Wars during an impeachment trial is classic Ted Cruz,” added a third person.

Someone else echoed the same sentiment and referenced last month’s Capitol riots, stating: “Ted Cruz is tweeting about Gina Carano in the middle of an impeachment trial over an INSURRECTION that he helped incite. We’re all trapped inside an Armando Iannucci show.”

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Iannucci is known as the writer behind political satires, including Veep and The Thick of It.

Someone else responded to the senator’s comment: “Do you even watch the show? The finale featured her and three *other* women kicking ass… and none of the others were fired.

“So maybe it was something other than your latest pathetic straw man?”

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Another user wrote: “Of course Ted Cruz has something to say about Gina Carano. This truly is the worst possible timeline.”

Disney’s decision to remove Carano from The Mandalorian  has been welcomed by many fans who have previously campaigned for Carano’s dismissal due to her history of sharing controversial tweets.

Others, however, have defended the actor and claimed that her dismissal is an example of “cancel culture”.

This article was amended on 4 March to remove an incorrect reference to Ms Carano calling for her fans to boycott Disney Plus. It was in fact her fans who called for that boycott.

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