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Iron Fist review round-up: Netflix’s new Marvel series getting thumped by critics

'Good luck, bingers: Getting through two episodes was a challenge'

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 08 March 2017 13:20 GMT

The embargo dropped for reviews on Marvel and Netflix collab Iron Fist this morning, and it ain’t pretty.

The 13-episode first season (arriving 17 March) stars Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) as Danny Rand / Iron Fist, a presumed dead martial artist who returns to New York City to try and reclaim his family business.

Previous Netflix-distributed Marvel shows Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have gone down well with critics, but Iron Fist appears to be lacking a unique edge.

Here’s some pretty damning lines from early reviews:


'Iron Fist is the most frustrating and ferociously boring example of Netflix Drift [pacing problems] in some time.'

'It takes forever for anything to happen on “Iron Fist,” and as it stumbles along, the uninspired production design, unexceptional cinematography, and painful dialogue fail to distract the viewer from the overall lack of depth, detail, or momentum.'

'Good luck, bingers: Getting through two episodes was a challenge.'


'I’m not surprised that Iron Fist isn’t a comedy. I’m surprised that it’s so bad. And it is laughably bad.'

Marvel's Iron Fist - Trailer


'If Iron Fist was an otherwise boring series with a hero who kicked butt in exciting ways early and often, I’d forgive the bland expository parts in the same way I do for a lot of action shows and movies. And if Finn Jones couldn’t fight but was otherwise a riveting screen presence blessed with sparkling dialogue and a compelling character arc, I’d get past the alleged living weapon’s lame physical prowess. But when neither part works at all, why would anyone but the most devout, masochistic Marvel completist want to watch?'

The Hollywood Reporter:

'Through six episodes, in addition to failing to introduce a main character I care about at all, Iron Fist hasn't given me any season-long arc/objective that I could describe for you, much less one I'm curious to see resolved.'


'What could have been the boldest series is instead the quietest. Seriously … in the comics, the man gets his powers from punching a dragon in the heart, but that’s withheld from us? If I wanted to focus more on reality I wouldn’t spend so much time watching superhero TV.'

The Verge:

'Fans feared the worst when the series was announced, and all their fears came true.'

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