Iron Fist trailer: Netflix's latest Marvel series teases a major connection to Daredevil

Danny Rand will join Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones as the final member of The Defenders

Clarisse Loughrey
Tuesday 07 February 2017 16:38 GMT
Marvel's Iron Fist - Trailer

The last member of The Defenders has finally stepped up.

Iron Fist marks the latest Marvel series to hit Netflix, as billionaire Danny Rand (Finn Jones) returns to New York City after missing for years, looking like he embarked on the world's longest gap year; which is almost true, since he's spent his time living in the Himalayas with the mystical monks of K'un-Lun.

Think Doctor Strange, but with magic traded for some more low-key, less world-destroying powers of excellent kung fu skills - coupled with what's known as the Iron Fist, a mystical force that allows him to summon and focus his chi, to devastating effects.

Rand's return to Hell's Kitchen sees him attempt to reconnect to his past and his family's legacy, though it soon comes into conflict with his duties as the Iron Fist when he comes into conflict the local criminal circuit.

From the show's first full trailer, it appears that underworld outfit has something to do with Madame Gao, briefly glimpsed lingering in the shadows; who runs her own trade of heroin in Hell's Kitchen and has already crossed paths with both Daredevil and Punisher.

He'll soon join the already established likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in the upcoming team-up series The Defenders, which has already nabbed the likes of Sigourney Weaver to play its villain.

Iron Fist hits Netflix on 17 March.

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