Jamie Dornan admits he once spat in someone’s drink when working as a bartender

‘That’s what you get if you click your fingers at another human being,’ said ‘The Tourist’ star, recalling one rude customer he served at a bar in Knightsbridge

Ellie Harrison
Sunday 10 March 2024 16:54 GMT
Jamie Dornan on ‘Hot Ones’
Jamie Dornan on ‘Hot Ones’ (Hot Ones )

Jamie Dornan has admitted he once spat in a man’s drink while working as a bartender years ago.

The star of The Tourist and Belfast, 41, made the confession while eating spicy chicken wings on YouTube interview series Hot Ones.

He told host Sean Evans that, in his twenties and during his pre-fame days working in a pub in London – the Tattersalls Tavern in Knightsbridge – he secretly gobbed in a rude customer’s drink.

“There was a guy who used to come in,” he said, describing him as a man with “horrible floppy blonde curtains”. “Honestly, I can close my eyes now and I can picture this prick’s face…

“He used to come in and click his fingers at me. Listen, I’m about to admit something I’m ashamed of, but a couple times, I spat in his drink.”

Clearly enjoying the memory, Dornan added: “He always order a gin and tonic, so you could sort of mix your spit in quite easily. I mean, that’s what you get if you click your fingers at another human being. Sorry, I don’t care. I just sat in glee while I watched him drink my saliva.”

He called it “one of my proudest moments”.

Jamie Dornan on ‘Hot Ones’
Jamie Dornan on ‘Hot Ones’ (Hot Ones )

Before Dornan became an actor, starring in big franchise movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey acclaimed BBC drama The Fall, he worked as a model and a bartender.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Dornan opened up about how director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s departure from the Fifty Shades franchise affected the film series.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dornan spoke about his stalker publicly for the first time.

He told Adam White: “I tried to put walls up around [the fans], to really try and not let that in. I’m pretty good at just blocking any of the noise associated with whatever fandom is – not letting it affect me, or more importantly my family.

“I’ve been involved in situations where it’s impacted my family. I had a situation... a stalker-type situation before Covid. That was f***ing scary. Someone turned up at my house when my kids were there. It was not something... The more I can block that out, the better it is for me and the family.”

Dornan also recently moved fans to tears while speaking about the death of his mother, and how the reaction to Fifty Shades changed his life, on the Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs.

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