Jeff Goldblum on the positive message we can all take away from this election

'No matter what, it is the journey that counts'

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 09 November 2016 16:20

While the results of the US election were being announced, Stephen Colbert was hosting a special late night show - Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh*t? - covering the news as it was announced.

Throughout, Colbert invited esteemed guests on stage to discuss the political world, including both Patton Oswald and Jeff Goldblum.

The latter of the two appeared just as Donald Trump’s victory was all but certain, speaking candidly with the host about campaigning for Hilary Clinton.

However, unlike many Americans who remain down about the whole affair, Goldblum wants everyone to remain inspired.

When asked ‘What positive message we can take away from tonight’ by Colbert, the Independence Day actor gave a fabulous answer in which he quoted “It Goes Like It Goes” from the Norma Rae soundtrack.

Jeff Goldblum's on the positives we can all take away from this election

"Being inspired, encouraged, brave, bold, and active into the progress of your own future - and everyone’s future - depends on you. That’s in your circle of influence and I won’t be uninspired by this. I’m not going to say ‘If I lose, the whole thing has been a waste of time.’ That’s stupid, in my opinion. 

"I say, that no matter what - because we’re all going to lose no matter what - it is the journey that counts and how we collaborate with each other to each other's mutual benefit that counts. In the course of this, I was so excited about a woman being President, I went and looked at that movie Norma Rae again. It’s about a woman who finds her power. You know the music that comes at the beginning and the end of that movie, I’m going to sing a little snippet of it: ‘It goes and it goes how the river flows / And time it rolls right on / And maybe what's good gets a little bit better / And maybe what's bad gets gone.’ I like that."

Watch the entire interview with Colbert below, the above quote starting at the 5.40 mark.

Meanwhile, also featured on the election special was a clip depicting the rise of Donald Trump, one that poked fun at Obama’s mocking White House Correspondents speech from 2011.

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