Piers Morgan slammed by Jim Jefferies after defending Donald Trump on US talk show Real Time with Bill Maher

'You just like that you won The Apprentice and have a friend, mate'

Jacob Stolworthy
Saturday 11 February 2017 13:03 GMT
Jim Jefferies slams Piers Morgan's defence of Donald Trump live on US talk show

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies has lashed out at Piers Morgan for defending Donald Trump on US talk show, Real Time with Bill Maher.

The panel was talking about Trump's Muslim ban when Morgan took exception to it being branded such, much to the ire of Jefferies.

"There is no Muslim ban," Morgan stated. "This is the hysteria I'm talking about; 85% of the world's Muslims are allowed in the country."

“Oh, f*ck off," Jefferies immediately snapped. "This is what you do, Piers. You say ‘He hasn’t done this, he hasn’t done that, he’s not going to do all these things."

He continued: “Give him a f*cking chance mate - Hitler didn’t kill the Jews on the first day, he worked up to it.”

The comedian didn't stop there.

“You just like that you won The Apprentice and you have a famous friend, mate,“ he said, to laughs from the crowd.

Morgan retorted: “You’re losing your audience because you’re sounding unpleasant,“ to which Jefferies asked the uproarious crowd: “Am I losing you?”

You can watch the full exchange below.

Following the show, Morgan addressed the moment on Twitter.

Just last week, John Oliver stated he was anxious not to make his show Last Week Tonight all about Trump.

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