Doctor Who: John Barrowman would love to see a trans or ‘gender non-specific’ Doctor replace Jodie Whittaker

Actor said that show had made a ‘huge leap’ casting the first female Doctor and it was now ‘time for them to make another leap’

Isobel Lewis
Saturday 27 February 2021 10:51
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John Barrowman has said that he would “love” to see a transgender actor play the next lead on Doctor Who.

The actor, who plays the recurring character Captain Jack Harkness on the sci-fi show and its former spin-off series Torchwood, made a return to Doctor Who in the show’s 2020 series and New Year’s Day special.

With recent reports suggesting that current Doctor Jodie Whittaker will be leaving the BBC series soon, Barrowman said that a trans Doctor would make a fitting replacement when her time on the show comes to an end.

“I’d love to see a transgender Doctor,” he told “I think that would be awesome.”

Barrowman also said that an “androgynous, gender non-specific person” would be “really good” to take on the role.

Admitting that casting Whittaker – the first female Doctor – had been a “leap” for the show, he continued: “They made a huge leap and it worked for them, and then [it’s] time for them to make another leap.”

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Captain Jack is described on the show as being “omnisexual”, with Barrowman explaining in a recent interview with The Independent why the character is so accepting of Whittaker as the Doctor.

Barrowman said: “Jack doesn’t see the shell the Doctor is in, he’s seeing what’s inside, the two hearts.

“It doesn’t matter to him if the Doctor is male, female, trans… as long as it’s the Doctor.”

In January, a report by The Daily Mirror claimed that Whittaker was planning to leave Doctor Who after three series following the release of the forthcoming 13th series.

The BBC said they would not be commenting on any speculation regarding her future on the show.