The Last of Us viewers notice glaring filming blunder in episode six: ‘Something you might want to fix’

HBO have succumbed to another ‘Starbucks coffee cup’-style mistake

Annabel Nugent
Thursday 23 February 2023 15:03 GMT
The Last of Us trailer

The Last of Us has fallen victim to a big filming blunder.

The hit HBO series, an adaptation of the hugely popular video game, aired its sixth episode over the weekend.

In it, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsay) make their way to Jackson, Wyoming in search of Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna).

Eagle-eyed viewers, however, noticed a mistake early on in the episode.

In the moment when the camera pans out to show the snow-covered terrain that the duo are crossing, fans noticed what appears to be a collection of film crew members in the bottom left of the shot.

If you want to check it out for yourself, the timestamp is 14.04 in episode six.

The mistake was noticed by Twitter user @stjguitarist who replied to show creator Neil Druckman on Twitter with a photo of the moment.

“Brilliant episode,” they wrote. “Something you might want to fix and reupload, though. You can see the film crew in this shot.”

The offending scene in ‘The Last of Us’
The offending scene in ‘The Last of Us’ (HBO / Sky)

They followed up their tweet with another post, reading: “So it’s clear, in case anyone can’t see it. I highlighted the areas where the crew is standing. With a little humour.

“Also, I LOVE both the game and the series. I’m not simply pointing out mistakes. But I’m sure they’d want to fix it.”

Their second post was accompanied with a zoomed-in photo of the same scene, with the crew highlighted by a Starbucks coffee cup in a reference to the infamous Game of Thrones blunder.

In the fourth episode of Thrones’s eighth and final season, fans noticed an out-of-place Starbucks cup during the Winterfell party scene. HBO later confirmed that it was a mistake.

More recently, House of the Dragon featured its own mistake when King Viserys (Paddy Considine) was seen in one scene with green fingers, which should have been edited out using CGI.

The Last of Us director recently praised Pascal for his performance in episode six, divulging that the actor cried off-camera in order to help his scene partner.

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