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Love Island talking points: Did Amber and Michael get back together? Which boy left the villa?

All the latest from the ITV2 reality series

Jacob Stolworthy@Jacob_Stol
Friday 12 July 2019 10:16
Love Island first look: It's time to re-couple and the girls have the power

Another day, another particularly dramatic episode of Love Island.

Tonight’s outing followed on from yesterday’s raunchy edition that saw Maura smooch a newly-single Curtis while giving him a lap dance (naturally).

However, this hasn’t stopped Curtis’s eye from wandering to newcomer Francesca leading to the question on everyone’s lips: who would she pick in the recoupling?

Her options were Curtis, Marvin or literally anyone else that Maura hasn’t been involved with – and, as expected, it all went down as entertainingly as you’d hope.

Below are the four biggest talking points from the latest episode of the ITV2 reality series.

1. Amber’s got a spring in her step

Amber’s not been herself since returning from Casa Amor to find that Michael had ditched her for Joanna. But, the discovery that she got Michael’s heartbeat racing faster than his latest love interest during the lap dancing challenge made her very happy indeed. “That’s what I needed,” she said, relieved that she wasn’t insane to think he could still like her. Take the win, Amber, but – for the love of all things holy – move on from this toxic guy.

2. Curtis in the middle

ITV producers thankfully managed to ensure tonight’s episode didn’t become “The Curtis Show” like most other episodes have been, but it’s proving tough – the dancer’s only gone and crept his way into a love triangle. Maura is obviously a big fan (”wouldn’t that head look so much better with my legs wrapped around it?” she asked, as subtle as ever, at one stage), but she faced stiff competition from newcomer Francesca who was deliberating between Curtis and fun-time Marvin. Instead of showing tact in regards to the sensitive situation, though, Curtis continued to flirt openly with Francesca in front of Maura. Her ressponse was to threaten to leave should Curtis be stolen from under her nose in the recoupling (see talking point number four).

3. Ovie lives to fight another day

The most heartwarming moment of this year’s series so far came when Amber – not left with much choice, admittedly – decided to recouple with her “big brother” Ovie. It’s genuinely refreshing to see a friendship such as this one blossom in front of her our very eyes and it says a lot that, at this stage, they’re the only “couple” who could steal the crown from Tommy and Molly-Mae (who, yes, are still very much in love).

4. Francesca’s decision

Well, a decision had to be made and it came as some surprise to learn that Francesca opted to couple up with Curtis, leaving Maura furious and – going by her earlier words – in danger of quitting. Oh, if looks could kill. Maura was the final girl to choose and she selected another newcomer, Chris, just so he could have a chance “at finding love in the villa” (not gonna happen, Chrissy boy). Cue tears. Will she stay and try to lure Curtis away from Francesca? Or will her self-respect win out? Regardless, these turn of events have no doubt won the Irish islander legions of fans and, in turn, Francesca some enemies. We hope she sticks it out.

P.S. Fun-time Marvin left the villa.

Catch up with all the action as it happened below

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2


Hello and welcome to yet another Love Island live blog.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 17:00

It feels like we've been doing this forever, but the end is in sight. According to my sources (Google), the final is in three weeks.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 17:28

Anyway, tonight's episode looks set to be yet another doozy as the power is placed in the girls' hands. Yes, Curtis, Jordan, Ovie and some other boys whose names I don't care to remember could leave the villa!

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 17:55

Want to catch up with last night's action? You can do so here.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 18:20

So, cards on the table, if I was a betting man, I'd predict this year's winners will be: Tommy and Molly-Mae. The money they're gonna make...

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 18:48
Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 19:15


Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 19:44

45 minutes left to go. I can barely contain myself.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 20:15

Sneak peek at tonight's action below for you.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 20:44

Aaaaaaaaand we're off.

Jacob Stolworthy11 July 2019 21:01

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