ITV viewers outraged by advert showing squirrel ‘humping’ Lynx Africa can

The Advertising Standards Authority received 155 complaints

Isobel Lewis
Wednesday 06 May 2020 09:00
Lynx advert sparks complaints for ITV

A Lynx advert which shows a squirrel “humping” a can of deodorant sparked outrage among ITV viewers after it was shown before the watershed.

The 60-second advert, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Lynx Africa, follows teenagers using the product throughout the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, ending with a bizarre clip of a squirrel simulating sext with a can of Lynx Africa.

More than 150 people complained to the Advert Standards Authority about the advert after it aired at around 8:45pm on Saturday night during Britain’s Got Talent, calling it “offensive” and “inappropriately scheduled”, and “unsuitable for children”.

“We had 155 complaints about the Lynx TV ad featuring a squirrel behaving amorously with a deodorant can,” the ASA told, adding: “No decision has been made on whether there are grounds for an investigation.”

Viewers took to Twitter on Saturday night to voice their anger about the advert, with one user writing: “We are watching this as a family, can I ask why the inappropriate ad for Lynx with a squirrel getting it on with a deodorant can before the watershed? Complaint logged.”

Meanwhile, another complained: “Did anyone else see the squirrel dry humping the lynx deodorant can on the ad break?”

However, one mum saw the funny side, tweeting: “Child No 5 watching #bgt and saw the @lynx advert. Mum, mum the squirrel is dancing with deodorant!”

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