Line of Duty’s Martin Compston hits back at troll who questioned his support of SNP

Twitter user had questioned whether Compston was even in Scotland during Thursday’s election

Isobel Lewis
Friday 07 May 2021 08:49
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Line of Duty star Martin Compston has hit back at a Twitter user who criticised his support for the Scottish National Party.

Compston, who plays Steve Arnott in the BBC police drama, had starred in a video urging the people of Scotland to vote for the SNP in Thursday’s (6 May) elections.

“The big decisions, whether it be Scotland’s future relationship with Europe, whether it be nuclear weapons on the Clyde, are best taken by the people who live here,” the actor said as he showed support for party leader Nicola Sturgeon.

However, one follower tweeted Compston asking “what part of Scotland do you stay [in] now?”, with the Greenock-born actor quote-tweeting his message and responding.

“Currently staying in Edinburgh where I’m working for next 4 months but I’ll get back to my place in Greenock on my days off,” Compston wrote.

“Anything else I can help you with? My movements over the next week? My plans for the weekend? It’s my birthday so I’ll be out if you need a heads up.”

In March, Compston, who also has a house in Las Vegas, responded to trolls who suggested that he doesn’t play tax in Scotland.

“If I went to St Andrews or Eton… certain people would think you’re fit to run the country,” he said. “But I’m from Greenock, I’m working class and I’ve done well for myself. I get abuse daily on Twitter but you kinda put up with it.

“Every single penny I earn gets taxed in Scotland, and I mean full tax.”

As Compston speaks with a London accent in Line of Duty – which concluded its sixth series last weekend – many fans were shocked to discover the actor’s off-camera voice during a recent appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

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