Michelle Wolf calls out CNN Trump coverage: 'You’re all getting paid and we’re all getting f**ked'

'You invite someone on your show, because you know they'll say something crazy, and then they say something crazy, and you get to act outraged'

Clarisse Loughrey
Tuesday 26 June 2018 11:52 BST
Michelle Wolf calls out CNN and other TV networks for Trump coverage

Comedian Michelle Wolf, who caused a major stir at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, equally hasn't held back when it comes to her new Netflix show The Break.

"TV news used to be so lame," Wolf introduced the segment "Entertainment Explosion" with, as part of her own half-hour talk show. "It used to just be Walter Cronkite saying boring things like 'the president has been shot.' But thankfully, that's not news anymore! News got a sexy glow-up. Now it has all the drama and substance and botox of a Real Housewives wine fight."

She continued by criticising specific examples of news hosts inviting controversial guests; then, either failing to confront them on their duplicity or cutting them off completely, despite having welcomed them on in the first place.

"Kellyanne Conway was recently on 'Meet the Press' for the ninth time to discuss the family separation policy," she offered. "Now, she's never once answered a question honestly or given any sort of useful information, but I mean there has to be some reason she's on, right? Maybe this time, Chuck Todd will press her until she gives a straight answer."

Surprise, she didn't. And Todd not only failed to challenge her on her stance on child immigration detention centres, but immediately changed the subject. "Wow, he really held her feet to the fire long enough to warm them up for a massage," she joked.

After a clip of CNN's Don Lemon shouting down Donald Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes, saying he's lying on his show, Wolf commented: "Oh man, as a fan, I just love this kind of TV magic. Watching the host act like the guest forced his way into the studio is so compelling, you almost forget that he was invited on and paid."

After clips of Jake Tapper and Stephen Miller, alongside Steve Bannon and Jonathan Karl, Wolf had made clear that she found the likes of CNN complicit in their consist offering of a platform to Trump mouthpieces with a propensity to lie or spout bigoted propaganda. Clear enough, in fact, that the words "complicit" actually rang through the studio as a comical voiceover.

"But that's how these beautifully crafted news dramas come together," she concluded. "You invite someone on your show, because you know they'll say something crazy, and then they say something crazy, and you get to act outraged. We all watch it and talk about it. It's like one long brothel orgy from Game of Thrones, where you're all getting paid and we're all getting f*cked."

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