Naked Attraction: Fans react as UK’s ‘greatest export’ finally makes its way to America

Six seasons of Channel 4’s full-frontal dating show are now available for US viewers to stream

Inga Parkel
Tuesday 26 September 2023 19:50 BST
Naked Attraction: The Best Bits

The UK’s graphic dating show Naked Attraction has finally made its way into American homes.

Hosted by Anna Richardson, Channel 4’s popular 11-season game show debuted in 2016. It recently wrapped its latest series on 24 May.

Each episode features a new single “chooser”, who must eliminate six potential suitors based on their fully nude bodies. Starting with their legs, each part of their body is revealed gradually, with their face revealed last.

Once only two suitors remain, they are then given the chance to critique the chooser who will also have stripped down. The final couple will then go on a date fully clothed.

Up until now, Naked Attraction was only available to UK viewers; however, last week, the show was quietly added to Max for US viewers to enjoy, and people are starting to make the surprising discovery.

“I am so excited the US public is finally getting to know our greatest UK export – #nakedattraction,” one fan eagerly tweeted.

“I’m watching Naked Attraction, and let me just say…. UK people. Y’all really are trashy like the rest of us,” a second joked.

Naked Attraction is a wild show,” another commented. “How did they slip 6 seasons by us?”

‘Naked Education’ host Anna Richardson also hosts ‘Naked Attraction'

It’s even made its way onto The View presenter Sunny Hostin’s TV, who revealed on the talk show on Monday (25 September): “I’m embarrassed to admit, [my husband Emmanuel] and I got so obsessed with this show we binged it yesterday… and I learned things I have never heard of in my life. It was one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever seen.”

“This is even worse to me than Naked and Afraid,” Hostin’s co-host Ana Navarro quipped. “It’s ‘Naked and Well Lit.’”

The episodes made available on Max are uncensored, though each begins with a warning: “The following series is intended only for mature audiences. It contains full frontal nudity, coarse language, and graphic discussions about the human body. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Six seasons of Naked Attraction are available to stream on Max in the US.

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