Piers Morgan interrupts Dr Hilary Jones during coronavirus debate

Piers Morgan vows to take coronavirus vaccine on live TV in response to ‘all the anti-vaxxer Covidiots’

Morgan’s announcement follows news that a Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be 90 per cent effective

Annabel Nugent@annabelnugent
Wednesday 11 November 2020 08:32

Piers Morgan has promised to take the coronavirus vaccine on live television once it has been “approved”.

The Good Morning Britain host made the declaration to his 7.6 million Twitter followers on Tuesday (10 November) following news that a vaccine is performing well in trials.  

In a post addressed to “all the anti-vaxxer Covidiots predictably now screaming that they won’t have the jab”, Morgan stated: “If it’s approved then I will have it done live on TV."

The presenter’s tweet comes shortly after pharmaceutical company Pfizer reported that trials showed their Covid-19 vaccine to be 90 per cent effective in preventing the virus. The announcement has since sparked renewed objections from anti-vaxxers.

Morgan went on to state: “If you refuse to have it then no more flying for you, and no more using the NHS if you get Covid. Deal?”

His post – which has since received over 23,000 likes – has garnered both support and criticism from his fans.

One user wrote: “Thank god you’re only a TV host and not in the cabinet… No more flying, no more NHS… What happened to freedom of choice?”

Another, however, voiced her support for Morgan, stating: “Piers I’ll be at the front of that queue with you. The amount of people who are saying no is genuinely baffling the s*** out of me.”

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