PlayStation has made its own 'original series' and it looks terrible

"This isn't a job for regular cops." "Good thing we're not regular cops."

Christopher Hooton
Tuesday 10 March 2015 12:24 GMT

Not to be outdone by Netflix and Amazon Prime, PlayStation Network has made its first foray into original programming with Powers, an almost self-parodic superhero series starring Eddie Izzard and Elliot from Breaking Bad.

Based on the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming and destined to upset its fans, Powers imagines a world where everyone has super powers until some nefarious force starts taking them away.

Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) is the LA cop who must talk in a really low, gravelly voice until he discovers the villain behind the plot.

Aside from the dude in furry trousers and a lime green t-shirt shooting laser beams from his eyes (above), other lowlights from the trailer include Eddie Izzard being trapped in a role he's better than (probably for a second season) and the exchange: "This isn't a job for regular cops." "Good thing we're not regular cops."

Written by Charlie Juston and produced by Sony Pictures Television, Powers' first three episodes debut at midnight on PlayStation Network.

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