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Russian Doll: 'Mind-blowing' new Netflix series starring Natasha Lyonne is your next binge watch

'It’s smart. It’s female empowerment and mental-health aware. It’s everything I wanted'

Jack Shepherd@JackJShepherd
Saturday 02 February 2019 16:30

Netflix’s “mind-blowing” new series Russian Doll has won rave reviews, with Natasha Lyonne’s performance and writing being praised by critics.

Russian Doll centres on Nadiya – played by Lyonne – who dies over and over again, only to re-appear every time in the same place: in the bathroom at her birthday party. (Unsurprisingly, the premise has been liked to the film Groundhog Day.)

After reaching the streaming service on Friday (1 February), subscribers took to Twitter to discuss the “trippy” series.

“Just binged watched Russian Doll,” wrote one. ”The whole season. Really worth the effn wild ride. Super Trippy. Major surprises.”

Another wrote: “Wow. Russian Doll is the best series I’ve watched in a long time.”

“I loved it,” one social media user wrote. ”I watched it all and I wish there was more. It’s smart. It’s female empowerment and mental-health aware. It’s everything I wanted.”

Critics have likewise written highly of the series, with Russian Doll currently holding a 100 per cent fresh rating on the aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes.

“As the series proceeds, it gets more ambitious and more complicated in a way that’s gratifying to watch,” writes Sophie Gilbert for The Atlantic. ”It’s still anchored, though, by its sense of place and time, and by the infinite possibilities that a night walking around New York City presents.”

Joel Keller for Decider writes: “Lyonne puts on the performance of her career in this funny, emotional series.”

Russian Doll also marks one of the first Netflix originals to come with the streaming service’s new logo animation at the beginning – which you can watch here.

Russian Doll is available now on Netflix.

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