Saturday Night Live parodied The Great British Bake Off and it was cringeworthy

'We bake just as well as we shag; Yeah, quick and lazy!'

Jack Shepherd
Monday 17 October 2016 09:45

With Alec Baldwin joining the cast of Saturday Night Live for their 42nd season, praise has been heaped upon the show’s Trump mocking segments, gaining enough notoriety that the Presidential candidate himself called for the show to be retired after the latest episode.

Hosting the most recent episode was Britain’s own Emily Blunt, promoting her latest drama, Girl on the Train. In one sketch, Blunt helped cast regulars mock The Great British Bake Off to somewhat unfunny effect.

Along with Cecily Strong, the duo played women from “the only town that voted unanimously for the Brexit” who are Big Brother rejects. Instead of poking fun at Bake Off, the laughs mainly come from the cringe-inducing lines spouted by Blunt and Strong’s characters.

The Great British Bake-Off could be so easily parodied - from Mel and Sue’s ‘banter’ to the show moving to Channel 4 - perhaps they should have focussed on the Love Productions show rather than bringing in the Big Brother aspect? Something of a missed opportunity.

Despite this, the show’s initial sketch featuring Baldwin’s Trump stalking Kate Mckinnon’s during the mock second debate was hilarious. Watch here.

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