Seth Meyers relishes monologue joke that completely bombs

'I’ve been doing this job too long to think that joke would work.'

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 10 February 2016 17:25

If one of your jokes doesn’t land, you could wince and awkwardly try and move on, or you could just laugh at how appalling it was.

Seth Meyers opted for the latter on his talk show recently, when he tried to sell this one:


"After a decades-long search an 82-year-old New York woman who grew up with her adoptive parents found her 96-year-old biological mother."

*Looks hesitantly at the autocue*

“Unfortunately, she found her in heaven.”

Seth burst out laughing when the audience offered barely a whimper, shaking off the joke as he admitted: “I’ve been doing this job too long to think that joke would work.”

The moment brings to mind the time Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson struggled to even get through a one-liner because it was so idiotically, wonderfully simple.

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