Sherlock season 4: Fans think Amanda Abbington tweeted a cryptic clue

What do the wigs mean?

Jack Shepherd
Friday 06 January 2017 11:19

** Spoilers for the first episode of Sherlock series four ahead **

Despite only being one episode in, the fourth season of Sherlock has been somewhat controversial, many fans being critical of Benedict Cumberbatch’s James Bond-like antics.

Perhaps the biggest talking point, though, was the revelation that Mary Watson was actually an assassin being hunted down by her old hit-group.

As we now know, things don’t go well for the newlywed as she sacrifices herself for Sherlock in a cringe-worthy moment worthy of a Razzie.

Ignoring whatever thoughts you have of the moment, actor Amanda Abbington has stirred the fandom up once more by posting an image of herself donning a red wig.

As Radio Times write, there are two things to note, the first being that Mary spent a lot of 'The Six Thatchers' wearing wigs while on the run, none of which were red - perhaps the scene was cut?

Fans are also leaping on the idea that the red wig is very much like the mysterious woman’s hair who Martin Freeman’s Watson is/was having an affair with.

Could we see Amanda Abington in future episodes, perhaps as a flashback for John? Could he see Mary in E? Or - and this probably won’t happen - is she still alive?

A misleading Tweet or something deeper? We’ll find out over the next weeks as Sherlock returns this Sunday on BBC One.

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