Meet The Bachelor contestants vying for Joey Graziadei’s heart

This instalment of ABC’s hugely popular reality dating series will see 32 women competing for the heart of one man

Inga Parkel
Monday 29 January 2024 18:42 GMT
ABC Reveals Next Leading Man for 'The Bachelor' Season 28 | THR News

The Bachelor welcomed 32 new women to the mansion to compete for the heart of The Bachelorette alum Joey Graziadei. That number has since dropped.

Joey was announced as the next bachelor during The Bachelorette’s season 20 finale, where he finished in second place.

Speaking to host Jesse Palmer during the finale last year, the 28-year-old tennis coach said: “I’m looking for someone that’s just themselves. Someone that challenges me. Someone to do life with.

“Be yourself,” he told his future castmates.

The Bachelor’s season 28 premiered on Monday, 22 January, with new episodes releasing weekly at 5pm PT/8pm ET on ABC. US viewers will be able to stream the episode the next day on Hulu.

Meet the 32 contestants below.

Allison, 26 – Realtor

Allison on ‘The Bachelor’

The 26-year-old real estate agent is the younger sister of fellow contestant Lauren. While it may come as a surprise to viewers to see two sisters compete for the same man, the Philadelphia-born siblings have dated the same person before (at different times).

Allison has been in multiple serious relationships before but has yet to find Mr Right. She’s looking for someone who is positive, mature, loyal and kind.

Autumn, 26 – Account Executive

Autumn on ‘The Bachelor’

26-year-old Autumn from St Louis, Missouri, is one-half of two sets of twins. Coming from a close-knit and loving family, she hopes to find a connection with someone who’s also a loyal, fun family man.

She loves attending college football games and listening to live music at her favourite bars.

Chandler, 24 – Graphic Designer

Chandler on ‘The Bachelor’

Self-proclaimed empath Chandler says she’s “ready to love someone who will love me back”. Born and based in New York City, she has a thriving social life and loves to take runs down the West Side Highway.

The graphic designer, 24, has tried her share of dating apps and been involved in numerous “situationships” and is now ready for the real deal.

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Chrissa, 26 – Marketing Director

Chrissa on ‘The Bachelor'

This Canadian marketing director has been engaged before, so she’s ready to settle down with the right person.

Born on Christmas Day, Chrissa, 26, enjoys going to breweries, playing golf and reading books written by trending author Colleen Hoover.

Daisy, 25 – Account Executive

Daisy on ‘The Bachelor’

Having grown up in a big, loving family with parents whose 30-plus-year marriage has been the blueprint for the kind of love she’s looking for, Daisy, 25, is ready to find a man who’s loyal, adventurous and family-oriented.

From Becker, Minnesota, the account executive grew up on a Christmas tree farm and is hoping to find her fairy-tale ending.

Edwina, 25 – Entrepreneur

Edwina on ‘The Bachelor’

Edwina, 25, was born in Liberia, where she taught herself how to crochet. At age 11, she moved to the US, where she now runs her own crocheting business.

Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, the entrepreneur describes herself as creative, nurturing and loyal. She’s looking for a partner who is honest, self-aware, funny and supportive of her passions.

Erika, 25 – Leasing Agent

Erika on ‘The Bachelor’

A 25-year-old leasing agent from North Bergen, New Jersey, Erika’s “ultimate goal” is to find love.

This bookworm’s ideal partner is someone with whom she can travel the world.

Evalin, 29 – Nanny

Evalin on ‘The Bachelor’

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she still resides, 29-year-old Evalin loves travelling and hopes her future husband is also adventurous, hardworking and open to growth.

Raised in a big family with eight siblings, she is a funny, confident woman with a big personality who knows what she wants.

Jenn, 25 – Physician Assistant Student

Jenn on ‘The Bachelor’

Passionate about working in healthcare and helping others, this 25-year-old is studying to be a physician’s assistant. And while she’s been in several serious relationships, she’s still on the search for a man who’s equally as reliable and thoughtful as she is.

Jenn was raised bilingual, and can’t wait to share her Vietnamese background with Joey.

Jessica “Jess”, 24 – Executive Assistant

Jessica ‘Jess’ on ‘The Bachelor’

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, Jess says: “I want to find someone that I can trust my heart with, someone who will respect me, and someone who will do anything to cherish our relationship.”

When the 24-year-old executive assistant from San Diego, California, is not helping those who’ve been impacted by natural disasters, she loves trying new restaurants, belting out Taylor Swift songs and spending time with her Yorkipoo, Charlie.

Katelyn, 25 – Radiochemist

Katelyn on ‘The Bachelor’

Katelyn purchased her first home at 23 and has big aspirations for a career in medicine.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the 25-year-old radiochemist is of Vietnamese descent and is looking for a partner who will embrace her culture alongside her. She hopes her future husband is someone supportive, adventurous and a feminist.

Kayla, 27 – Guidance Counselor

Kayla on ‘The Bachelor’

Working as a high school guidance counselor, Kayla, 27, is ready to settle down and start a family. She was in an eight-year relationship that ended because her ex wasn’t ready for forever.

She is an outgoing, trustworthy and unapologetic woman with a big personality living in Hamilton, Ohio, who is tired of being the third wheel in her friend group.

Kelsey A, 25 – Junior Project Manager

Kelsey A on ‘The Bachelor’

After having spent most of her childhood growing up in Germany on a US military base, Kelsey A now lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where she enjoys having picnics with friends, trying new restaurants and walking around the French market.

As someone who showers the person she loves with homemade tokes of her affection, the 25-year-old project manager wants to meet someone who’s understanding and also loves giving back.

Kelsey T, 31 – Actor

Kelsey T on ‘The Bachelor’

Kelsey is a Los Angeles-based actor who made a brief appearance in Greta Gerwig’s box office smash, Barbie, as Miss Universe Jamaica.

At 31, she’s previously been engaged but knows she’s “ready to fall in love again”. She’s ambitious and joyful and wants a man who will appreciate the thoughtfulness she brings to the relationship.

Kyra, 26 – Paralegal

Kyra on ‘The Bachelor’

This quirky 26-year-old paralegal from Miami, Florida, is looking for a man who is honest, loyal and funny.

In her free time, Kyra loves going out to bars as much as she loves staying in and playing Sims. Her dream date is spending a day at the beach, followed up with a night at a comedy show.

Lanie, 27 – Realtor

Lanie on ‘The Bachelor’

A 27-year-old adventure-seeker from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lanie comes from a big Polish/Greek family. She has a positive, infectious and bubbly personality and is looking to find a man who is emotionally available and mature.

The realtor loves travelling and hopes to find a lasting love like her parents, who have been married for over 30 years.

Lauren, 28 – Registered Nurse

Lauren on ‘The Bachelor’

Lauren is the older sister of 26-year-old contestant Allison. However, according to Lauren, she is the whole package of brains and beauty with a hilarious personality.

She is passionate about her career and thinks she’s still single due to her high standards. She’s looking for a partner who is motivated, funny and makes her feel safe.

Lea, 23 – Account Manager

Lea on ‘The Bachelor’

This 23-year-old Hawaii native may have already met Joey at the taping of The Bachelorette’s “After the Final Rose” episode, but she’s ready to make her second first impression.

From Waipahu, Hawaii, the confident account manager, who lights up every room, loves spending her free time painting, hiking and being by the ocean.

Lexi, 30 – Digital Strategist

Lexi on ‘The Bachelor’

Having graduated in the top one per cent of her MBA summer program at MIT, the 30-year-old digital strategy manager from Atlanta, Georgia, is ready to find “the one” to share in her many successes.

Madina, 31 – Mental Health Therapist

Madina on ‘The Bachelor’

The 31-year-old mental health therapist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, describes herself as ambitious, loyal and caring.

Coming from a Bangladeshi family, she loves exercising, dancing and watching The Great British Bake Off. Madina says she has “a lot to be thankful for” but adds: “I just truly feel like that one missing piece is my person.” She hopes to meet a man who’s mature and empathetic and will put his phone away during their date nights.

Maria, 29 – Executive Assistant

Maria on ‘The Bachelor’

This bold and outgoing 29-year-old executive assistant is over flings and situationships and is ready to find her perfect match with a man who embraces her passions.

From Canada, Maria’s interests include horror films and a big plate of spaghetti. She also has a black belt in Taekwondo karate.

Marlena, 26 – Freelance Writer

Marlena on ‘The Bachelor’

Described by loved ones as optimistic, loyal and resilient, 26-year-old Marlena is a “hopeful romantic” whose dream job is to become a parent.

Vulnerability is important to the freelance writer from West Palm Beach, Florida, and she is ready to commit to a person who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Nat, 26 – Registered Nurse/Professor

Nat on ‘The Bachelor’

A small-town girl from Sudbury, Canada, Nat already has her master’s degree and works as a nurse and professor.

The 26-year-old is looking for a man who can laugh, travel and start building a life with.

Rachel, 26 – ICU Nurse

Rachel on ‘The Bachelor’

26-year-old Rachel is extremely proud of her Hawaiian roots and is ready to bond with Joey over her love of Hawaiian food and culture.

She works as an ICU nurse in Honolulu, and is looking for a man whho is honest, gentle and supportive. Some of her favourite things include the sitcom Friends, Jane Austen novels and spending time with loved ones.

Sam, 31 – Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Sam on ‘The Bachelor’

A former New Yorker now living in Nashville, Tenessee, Sam, 31 is unafraid of adventure and taking risks when it comes to finding love.

While she works as a CPA, she enjoys nights out eating pizza and margaritas with her friends.

Samantha, 23 – Professional Football Cheerleader

Samantha on ‘The Bachelor’

This NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins has also worked as a Disney World princess and is a decorated pageant queen.

Samantha, 23, is someone who’s genuine and charismatic and says she’s “ready to get engaged”.

Sandra, 26 – Cybersecurity Consultant

Sandra on ‘The Bachelor’

A hardworking and compassionate woman who works as a cybersecurity consultant, Sandra lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 26-year-old, who loves watching Suits, travelling the world and going on hot girl walks, is hoping her future husband is also her best friend.

Starr, 25 – Mental Health Counselor

Starr on ‘The Bachelor’

Starr, 25, is a resilient, intelligent and positive Brazillian American who lives in Delray Beach, Florida. She’s passionate about her profession, but when she’s not helping others, she loves picnics on the beach, trying new restaurants, and going on runs.

She’s tired of being the third wheel in her group of friends who are all getting engaged and married. She is looking for a man who is ambitious, family-oriented, funny, and in whom she can truly confide.

Sydney, 28 – Vintage Store Owner

Sydney on ‘The Bachelor’

28-year-old Sydney from Newport, Rhode Island, is working her dream job as a vintage store owner. As a smart, free-spirited and entrepreneurial woman, she is looking to add romance to her life.

“I am so ready to find my forever person,” she says. She wants an adventurous man who’s willing to book a spontaneous same-day international flight and just go.

Talyah, 23 – Aesthetician

Talya on ‘The Bachelor’

Talya’s favourite pick-up line is asking a man if they’ve met before, so she can’t wait to see if her Bachelor limo entrance gives her déjà vu.

A 23-year-old Huntington Beach, California esthetician, her ideal man is someone who is genuine, loyal and romantic.

Taylor, 23 – Recruiter

Taylor on ‘The Bachelor’

From the Windy City (Chicago, Illinois), Taylor, 23, is generous, witty, loyal and ALWAYS up for a good time. The recruiter has been in serious relationships in the past, and knows she’s ready for marriage.

When she’s not working, she loves attending hot yoga classes, reading Taylor Jenkins Reid books and spending time with family.

Zoe, 24 – Artist

Zoe on ‘The Bachelor’

From Atlanta, Georgia, Zoe, 24, has a career as a full-time sculptor, welder and photographer. The 24-year-old artist is ready for a genuine, forever kind of love, and dreams of a person with whom she can appreciate art and engage in meaningful conversations.

The Cuban American has been in a long-term serious relationship before and is ready to commit.

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