SNL mocks both United Airlines and Pepsi in one sketch

An unexpected twist in the Jimmy Fallon-starring skit

Jack Shepherd
Sunday 16 April 2017 09:41 BST
SNL mocks United Airlines and Pepsi in one sketch

Alongside the regular jabs at Donald Trump’s administration, Saturday Night Live made time to joke about both United Airlines and Pepsi in one brief sketch.

Everything starts off normal enough, with cast members Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong playing new lovers, sitting on a couch and getting to know each other.

Suddenly, a knock on the door as Jimmy Fallon — who was hosting the night’s episode — enters, a heartbroken man looking to win back ‘Jen’ by singing Savage Garden’s ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ while wearing a T-shirt with her face on it.

The song finishes with Fallon going down on one knee, begging to be taken back.

“No, Doug!” Strong’s character shouts, explaining: “you dragged a man off a plane this week,” a reference to the United Airlines incident in which a passenger was forcefully removed from an aircraft for not giving up his seat for a United staff member.

Unfortunately for Jen, things don’t get any better. She asks Beckett’s character what he does for a living. His response? “Well, I just directed this huge Pepsi commercial.” Watch below.

Following the Pepsi commercial’s release, SNL spoofed the marketing mess, which you can watch here. Beckett previously played the clip's director, a role he reprised for the Fallon sketch.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin once again returned as Trump, deciding to mock the dismissal of Steve Bannon and the President’s numerous Mar-a-Lago trips.

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