Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot receives 1500 leads in first week as creator says tips could lead to arrests

Creator says an FBI case has been reopened after production team forwarded names

Isobel Lewis
Wednesday 08 July 2020 11:25 BST
Unsolved Mysteries trailer

Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot has received an onslaught of credible tips from viewers, creator Terry Dunn Meurer has revealed

Just a week after the long-running US series was rebooted for Netflix, Meurer told TMZ that renewed interest in the show has caused a mass influx of leads to come in, some of which she believes could be legitimate.

Meurer claims that the team have received more than 1500 tips across the six new episodes, with around 50 being flagged as potential leads and forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

One episode focuses on the early 2000s case of Alonzo Brooks, a 22-year-old boy who disappeared from a Kansas party where he was the only black man.

Thanks to the show, the case has been reopened after the Unsolved Mysteries team forwarded names to the FBI.

As well as the Netflix reboot, Meurer and co-creator John Cosgrove worked on the original Unsolved Mysteries series, which ran across a number of networks from 1987 to 2010.

Viewers watching the show are presented with an unsolved case and are asked to help with any leads they may have, with the original series leading to the discovery of murders and reunion of lost families.

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