The Walking Dead season 10 viewers ‘disgusted’ by ‘nasty’ episode 9 sex scene

One viewer said they were left ‘traumatised’ by the moment

Jacob Stolworthy
Monday 24 February 2020 10:30
The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The return of The Walking Dead featured what could be the show’s strangest scene to date.

While the episode, titled “Squeeze”, primarily focused on Daryl (Norman Reedus), Carol (Melissa McBride) and other characters’ attempts to escape the cave Alpha (Samantha Morton) led them into, fans also got to see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) worm his way into the Whisperers.

*Spoilers follow – you have been warned*

To do this, he alerted Alpha to the fact that one of her underlings, Gamma (Thora Birch), has been betraying her.

Viewers watched on in shock as Alpha repaid Negan for his loyalty in the “crass” way she thought he’d appreciate most: by having sex with him while wearing her walker-skin mask.

The twist has divided fans. When reports of the potential moment leaked last year, most people assumed they were false, believing the moment would be a step too far.

But, Angela Kang told The Hollywood Reporter: ”We always felt like we needed some of the story of Alpha, Negan and their strange relationship.”

The sex scene came about after writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was asked to place the characters in a position to have sex. Kang said, “He was like, ‘Okay! Not quite sure how to get there! Let me work on it!’”

Kang continued: “It came together in this organic and fun way where the writer had a great take on the relationship from the comic book. We had a fun time coming up with a way to show this to our audience in a way that’s safe for basic cable but also still surprising.”

Trying to erase that scene with Negan and Alpha,” one person tweeted, while many others posted messages with shocked reaction shots.

Another person claimed they were “traumatised” by the scene.

See a selection below.

Kang also teased the fate of two characters who seemed to be killed off in the episode's closing moments.

The Walking Dead airs in the UK on FOX at 9pm and is avalable to view on NOW TV.

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