India’s Coronavirus Crisis: Scenes From Delhi’s Sardar Patel Covid Centre

Irrfan Khan’s widow mourns Covid death of relative: ‘I’ll never forget I couldn’t get him an ICU bed’

‘I will not forget this mayhem in Delhi’ wrote Sutapa Sikdar

Peony Hirwani@peony_hirwani
Monday 03 May 2021 16:14

Late Indian actor Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa called out the Indian authorities for not making appropriate Covid-19 arrangements in New Delhi as the inaccessibility of a hospital bed brought about the demise of a relative who was infected by the virus.

She wrote in a Facebook post: “I posted day before for help for my relative Sameer Banerjee. Today he left us. We couldn’t set up an ICU at home in Delhi, the capital of India. We couldn’t get a bed in the hospital.”

My gratitude to all the covid warriors who helped. I will never forget you all, my blessings to you all till I live, I will never forget Sameer Da's smile .. I will cherish my adolescent memories with him.” she wrote.

“I will never ever forget that I couldn’t get a bed in ICU for him because he was not Chota Rajan. He was an honest man. I will not forget this mayhem in Delhi.” she wrote.

<p>Screenshot of Sutapa Sikdar’s Facebook post about the death of a relative due to lack of beds in Delhi</p>

Screenshot of Sutapa Sikdar’s Facebook post about the death of a relative due to lack of beds in Delhi

Sutapa recently also marked the first death anniversary of the Slumdog Millionaire actor. In a heartfelt note, the Bollywood wife opened up about Khan’s journey as he battled neuroendocrine cancer for two years.

“The clock had stopped at 11.11 on 29 April for me... Irrfan you had a keen interest in the mystery of numbers, and funny you had three 11’s on your final day. Some say actually many say this is a very mystical number 11/11/11.” she wrote.

“How does one walk ahead the pandemic just adds to the anxiety, fear, and pain,” she wrote.

Sutapa concluded by paying a tribute to the individuals who have passed from Covid-19 in recent months.

“All of you stay in peace. Remember that we loved you, all of you. And remember, all of you is missed by someone or the other… all your families grieve… may you all rest in peace! I hope there is enough space. I hope some of you will forgive us for not being able to give a respectable cremation.” she wrote.

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