The environment is in trouble, but there are solutions out there

Analysis A new UN report warns of millions of deaths resulting from environmental damage – but, says Josh Gabbatiss, we already have the knowledge to address the situation

Wednesday 13 March 2019 19:43 GMT
Air pollution is a major problem in cities such as Bangkok
Air pollution is a major problem in cities such as Bangkok (EPA)

Another day, another major report bearing tidings of death and destruction. Today, a United Nations (UN) environmental assembly in Nairobi saw the release of its sixth “Global Environment Outlook”, and the conclusions weren’t good.

As is often the case in these big UN reports, most of the information contained within its 709 pages is not new to anyone who follows environmental news. Industrial farming, air pollution and antibiotic resistance all feature prominently, as do the usual warnings that world leaders are not taking the threat seriously enough.

While climate change does feature, its primary focus is the myriad other problems being inflicted on the planet by humanity. Crucially, it warned that environmental problems like filthy air, contaminated water and resistance to antibiotics are already killing millions of people every year – and this trend is only going to get worse.

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