Indian doctor tweets minutes before being killed by giant falling boulders in Himachal Pradesh

‘Life is nothing without mother nature,’ she tweeted before the landslide killed her and eight others

Stuti Mishra
Monday 26 July 2021 10:36 BST
Deadly landslide in Sangla Valley of India captured on camera minutes before it killed nine people

An Indian doctor of traditional medicine, on vacation in the mountainous Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, tweeted photos of the hillside, minutes before being killed in a deadly landslide.

Dr Deepa Sharma, a resident of Jaipur, was at the Sangla Valley where the landslide was reported on Sunday afternoon. Terrifying video footage showed massive boulders rolling down the mountain and hitting cars parked near the highway, as well as snapping an iron bridge in two, plunging it into the river.

Dr Sharma was reported to be in one of the parked cars and lost her life along with eight other people at the same spot, while dozens are reported to be injured.

In her last tweet, she wrote, “Standing at the last point of India where civilians are allowed. Beyond this point around 80 km ahead we have border with Tibet whom China has occupied illegally.”

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The Jaipur-based Ayurveda doctor’s Twitter timeline is filled with picturesque shots from her vacation in Himachal, that turned out to be her last posts, leaving those who knew her shocked.

“Life is nothing without mother nature,” read one of her earlier tweets from the weekend.

Several such landslides were triggered in the mountainous region after heavy rainfall, officials told Indian media.

According to media reports, several warnings for landslides during the monsoon season were issued by the weather department.

Landslides have become more frequent in recent years in the Himalayan state even as tourists from all over India flocked to the hilly regions in the recent weeks as Covid-19 restrictions were eased.

Rains wreaked havoc in several areas of India, triggering floods in the western coast in recent days. Flood and devastation from rains have killed more than 150 people, while dozens are missing. The financial capital of Mumbai and the resort state of Goa are badly affected.

Floods are also causing destruction at other places in Asia. Thousands of residents have fled inundated areas in the Philippine capital of Manila, as authorities struggled to construct enough shelters.

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