Less plastic in oceans would make most British people happier, poll claims

Brexit, Donald Trump and climate change make British public unhappy, says poll

Tuesday 06 August 2019 18:43 BST
Most British people are saddened by ocean plastic pollution, says poll
Most British people are saddened by ocean plastic pollution, says poll (Getty)

Less plastic in the oceans is top the chart for things that make people happy, a poll has claimed.

One third believe the seas being free of rubbish would increase their happiness levels.

Others say their general mood would improve if Brexit was cancelled, Donald Trump stepped down and friendlier people ran the world’s strongest states.

Receiving gifts, having good skin days forever and someone offering to cook would also place a smile on the faces of Britons, the OnePoll.com survey found.

A further 13 per cent would find lifelong contentment by knowing if there really is a heaven, it claimed.

Just nine per cent of Brits polled claim to be ‘extremely happy’, but finding a fiver in their pocket, enjoying longer summers and getting a bonus at work would help to temporarily improve their state of mind.

Researchers found many also wish for high exchange rates, a reduction in traffic, a reduction in mortgage payments or a surprise tax refund.

Others surveyed said something as simple as the family pet sitting on their lap, or being able to get out of bed an hour later would suffice.

However, the survey found the average adult is discontent with the state of the world, with seven in 10 admitting their overall happiness is reduced by climate change.

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David Cook, sales director for Baxi, which comissioned the poll, said: “As the study shows, the state of the nation isn’t at its most positive right now.

“Less than one in 10 adults can hand on heart say they are really happy, and that’s a real shame.

“We have a long way to go to improve world issues such as the use of plastic, climate change and leadership, but there are smaller things which can be done to elevate feelings day-to-day.

“Sometimes smaller changes can make all the difference, and make a bad week seem better.”


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