"When will energy companies stop telling me to save energy and start helping me do it?"

Wednesday 03 November 2010 16:25 GMT

As a breed, energy companies have always been very good at telling people what to do. They’ve fallen over each other to give out handy advice leaflets and low-energy light bulbs, and their websites all promote pretty much the same stock of general energy-saving tips. What they’re not so good at is acknowledging that it can actually be very difficult to do a lot of these things - and even harder to keep doing them.

So, E.ON have decided to do something about it.

Great, another energy-saving initiative. What’s different about this one?

Earlier this year, E.ON launched its Energy Fit programme with a starter pack which included a free energy monitor and the software to go with it.

Now they’re stepping the whole thing up another gear with the launch of a new website that enables you to create your own personal energy-saving plan, tailored specifically to your home. Based on your answers to some simple questions, they’ll show you what you can do, and how much you can expect to save as a result.

They’ll give you a range of options, selected from three broad categories: insulating your home, moderating your use and generating your own energy. Simply choose the ones you like (and think you can stick to), set them as targets, and that becomes your personal energy fitness plan.

Keep track of your progress and, as time goes by, E.ON can show you how you’re doing. They’ll also give you a score that you can use for comparison, because there’s nothing like a bit of healthy one-downmanship when it comes to saving money.

At the same time, the E.ON Energy Fit Squad will be touring city centres, giving demonstrations, visiting homes and offering practical help and advice.

Why should I bother trying to save energy anyway?

There are two answers to this. The big picture is that, in Britain, we all have some difficult choices to make. To keep the lights on (and the heating, and the television, and everything else) in any kind of sustainable way, we simply have to use less energy, more efficiently. This brings us to the personal incentive.

Most energy experts agree that the price of energy is set to go up. If you use less, you’ll save money. By increasing your energy fitness, you can also go some way towards insulating yourself from the impact of these rising wholesale prices. Do it with a plan that you create yourself, based on the home you live in and the people you share it with, and it’ll be a great deal easier to live with, because it’s designed to fit your life.

You’ll find all you need at eonenergyfit.com. We look forward to seeing you there.

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