Simply switching off lights reduces UK’s CO2 emissions.

Sunday 18 September 2011 14:17

New study finds that switching off lights and related individual gestures may help reduce the UK's CO2 emissions, and wasting energy leads to ‘Weaming'.

A report released by the Imperial College of London on June 30 found that simply turning off lights switches; switching the television off at the mains and using a cooler washing machine cycle can have a greater effect on reducing CO2 emissions than thought. The report based upon data published in the Energy Policy journal found that the UK government had underestimated the effects of these gestures on reducing CO2 by up to 60%. The report highlights the importance of individual measures taken against climate change when the focus has been on more large scale green solutions such as alternative energy, flying less, or eating less red meat.

The study by the Imperial College of London has relation to one published earlier this year on May 28 by UK non profit energy supplier Ebico, which coined the term ‘Weaming' to mean couples who fight over one of them Wasting Money and Energy. The report found that over 60% of households in England argue over issues relating to energy and money consumption.

According to Europe's Energy Portal, the UK emits 6.1% less CO2 than its Kyoto target; however, by comparison, Sweden emits 13% less and Poland 27% less. The country furthest away from its Kyoto 2012 CO2 emissions reduction goal is Luxembourg, which emits 41.76% More CO2 than the target level allows.

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