‘I don’t wanna f*****g die in this!’ Terrifying video shows Washington deputy driving into wildfire inferno

Deputy’s bodycam provides harrowing glimpse into the eye of an apocalyptic inferno during Washington’s Oregon Road Fire

Bevan Hurley
Thursday 07 September 2023 16:41 BST
Sheriff's deputy drives through deadly wildfire inferno

Bodycam footage captured a deputy’s terrifying drive through “hell on earth” as he escaped a deadly wildfire in Washington state.

Britt Morgan became trapped by the apocalyptic inferno in Spokane County while warning residents to evacuate on 18 August.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy was forced to speed through the “extraordinarily fast-moving and devastating wildfire” as flames encircle his vehicle, the agency said on Facebook.

“You’re not getting me today mother*****,” Mr Morgan is heard screaming on the bodycam footage as he races through the flames and thick black smoke.

“Eat my f***ing hairy a*** fire!,” he shouts in the video posted to Facebook. “I don’t wanna f***ing die in this!” 

Mr Morgan, who didn’t realise his bodycam was on, briefly stops his vehicle before accelerating again and emerges from the flames minutes later.

Bodycam footage from Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy Britt Morgan shows him driving through a terrifying inferno

“That was f***ing scary,” he said as he reaches safety.

After his death-defying ordeal, Mr Morgan began directing unsuspecting residents away from the fire who didn’t appreciate the immediate danger.

When one motorist coming in the opposite direction insists he can make it through, Mr Morgan warns him that the flames were “headed right for us”.

Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy found himself completely surrounded by flames after trying to warn residents to evacuate on 18 August

“Unless you want to die!” he says.

Mr Morgan then encounters a man he had seen earlier who was refusing to evacuate to get into his patrol car.

The unidentified man appeared to be crying as he speaks to Mr Morgan.

Spokane County Sheriff John Nowels, left, with deputy Brittan Morgan

“I know you’re probably sad for your horse right now, I’m glad you’re alive,” the deputy says.

The sheriff’s office said they wanted to release the censored footage to show the deputy’s bravery and the extreme danger of the Oregon Road Fire, one of two in the area that claimed two lives and destroyed more than 350 homes last month.

“This is only one story of bravery and courage from the Oregon Road Fire,” the Spokane sheriff’s office said.

Flames lick the side of a Spokane County Sheriff’s deputy as he races through a wildfire on 18 August

The video, titled “Driving Through Hell on Earth”, received tens of thousands of views and dozens of complimentary comments from Facebook users.

One local resident who was badly injured in the fire recognised themselves driving past the deputy’s patrol car in the eight-minute clip.

“Watching this camera is so emotional, the fire shut my truck off shortly into it, and I was running through it. This is truly hell on earth,” Justin Knutsen, who remains in hospital recovering from skin graft operations, commented on the post.

“That is so intense. You can tell that officer has so much heart. I’m so glad he was safe and that the other people got out,” another wrote.

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